Welcome to my personal website. I am the Giovanini Endowed Chaired Professor in the Department of IT, Analytics, and Operations in the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame. I attained my Ph.D. in Information Systems from the Artificial Intelligence Lab at the University of Arizona. For more information about me and my research, you can check out my bio and publications.

CV Google Scholar Email: aabbasi@nd.edu
Latest Updates
March 2021: Inviting submissions to our Information Systems Research special issue on "Disaster Response." The call for papers can be found on the ISR website.
January 2021: Work related to our NSF-funded research on user behavior modeling was recently published or is forthcoming. One paper focuses on predicting user behavior in real-time field environments. Another explores the importance of trust calibration for understanding user behavior in AI-augmented settings.
December 2020: Really enjoyed being a mentor for the AMCIS 2020 and ICIS 2020 doctoral consortiums. The doctoral students demonstrated an amazing level of grit, intellect, and intestinal fortitude.
November 2020: Greatly appreciative of my fellow co-organizers for IEEE ISI 2020 and INFORMS Workshop on Data Science. Pulling off conferences and workshops during COVID is never easy!
October 2020: Our student-led paper on Deep Generative models for forecasting was accepted at IEEE ICDM Workshops.
October 2020: Two paper acceptances at IEEE ISI 2020. One was based on an undergraduate thesis led by two excellent students.
September 2020: Honored to have given a keynote at the AI Symposium hosted by the Memorial University of Newfoundland. Canada is doing amazing things in the AI space!
September 2020: Inviting submissions to our Journal of AIS special issue on "Data Science for Social Good." The call for papers can be found on the JAIS website.
September 2020: Our 2019 article related to detecting adverse events was the most downloaded article in Information Systems Research over the past 12 months.
August 2020: Honored to be part of the INFORMS ISS DSR Award selection committee. These awards are a fantastic way to recognize impactful design research. For more details about the award, visit the website.
August 2020: Thrilled that our paper examining adverse event detection using web search queries was accepted at IEEE TKDE. The preprint can be viewed in the IEEE Digital Library.
August 2020: Our 2020 article related to psychometric NLP was the most downloaded article in ACM TOIS over the past 12 months.
July 2020: Very excited that our paper related to predicting user susceptibility to phishing attacks was accepted at Information Systems Research
June 2020: Our "NLP for Social Good" project is being sponsored by Oracle for Research.
May 2020: Congratulations to my student, Faizan Ahmad, for successfully defending his thesis. He will be joining Facebook next month.
May 2020: Our paper on NLP to derive behavioral constructs from text is forthcoming in MIS Quarterly.
April 2020: Excited that our "path to purpose" paper examining omni-channel customer journeys is forthcoming in the Journal of Marketing
January 2020: Very happy to be part of the NSF-funded "Stroke Belt Project" examining patient empowered health platforms: AJKD Paper JCA Paper HBR Article
December 2019: Honored that my collaborators and I were awarded the 2019 INFORMS Design Science Award for our work at the intersection of design and machine learning in the context of natural language processing
September 2019: Our HBR digital article on the risks of AutoML just appeared on the HBR website